Essington RUFC

Senior Rugby Team

There is no I in team...

2017/18 teams

1st team captain:  Adam Smith.
2nd team captain:  Dave McHale.
3rd team captain:  Chris Hylton.
(Ladies captain:  Mary Baldwin.)
Coach / Training:  Adam Smith.

All welcome at training - see training page.
Please be aware of Protocol for Referees and players / spectators / coaches: Referee Protocol document.

Must be paid by end of September, or weekly subs increase and you pay higher bar prices, plus loose out on the many member benefits.
Annual Membership details on membership page.

Be Rugby Ready!
For any players, this on-line resource takes you through 17 modules about training and playing rubgy. You are guided through each section with tests and a certificate at the end! Go to:

Achievements include:
2016 1st team and 2nd team are both promoted.
2015 Rubery Owen Cup winners.
2012 Owen Cup winners.

2012 Owen Cup team
Report/Pictures/Videos on Reports page.

oh and our 152-0 win....Really.
On 27th Oct 2012 we had a league game vs Bham Barbarians, which resulted in a record highest score for Essington in a game, ever! Here is our captain Nick, with the famous/lucky match ball.

Some team photos over recent years
Most photos are now on Facebook, but here are a few:

2013 team
2012-2013 team
2013 club playing shirt to show off our athletic figures.....modelled by Rob
2013 shirt

The 2008/2009 team photos.
First team:

Second team: