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2012 Tour - Carlisle! Fri 23rd - 25th March
Tour has been and gone.

We bought everyone back alive and more or less in one piece.
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Fatal Jamaican Bobsleigh test run crash! Test run on the new bobsleigh created by Matthew Myatt ends in disaster!!! Four drunken victims climb aboard the sleigh in its final voyage down the slopes!

Theme was Olympics All went as an olympic competitor (athlete, volleyball player, skier, etc).

Virgins went as swimmers. They must have swimming hat (unless bald), goggles, speedo's , sandals or flip flops, dressing gown and at least one verruca sock.

Past Tours.

2011 Tour - Great Yarmouth!

On Fri 1st April, in tour attire and a horse (they could ride) and something to drink from....jolly japes were to be had as we set off on All Fools Day to travel the many leagues to the holiday hotspot of Great Yarmouth, which is near Norway and officially an 11 pint journey.

The fun didn't end with just a bum-numbing crossing of the foul and unsavoury East Anglian Marshes. The Tour Committee had decided that the theme for tour was Medieval!! This meant chainmail, tights, knights, round tables, bows and arrows, wenches in wimples.......even a fool or two?

2010 Tour - To Hull and Back!

Palm trees blown up....and we were off to sunny Hull, for our Hull-waiian weekend of fun,singing, beer and some rugby !

19th - 21st March, we played Cleethorpes and Pocklington

The tour photos are here: See Photos

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2009 Tour Completed without casualties! Superheroes hit Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Despite Andy The Tour Disorganiser we all managed to get to Skeggie and most people had a bed to sleep in at the wonderful (rather too posh for the likes of us) Savoy Hotel right on the seafront.

Having forgotten the kits, the water bottles and even who he was (why does Thor carry a giant inflatable banana?) Andy managed to cobble together a bit of a tour that no-one will ever forget - or will they?

Special thanks to the penguins and The Penguin for their general menacing and to Batman & Robin for just being there, in costume, on their own.
I hear the crime rate in Skegness is down 48% this weekend, mainly due to their diligence.

Tour photos HERE Not for those of a nervous disposition!!


2008 Tour.
All info and photos of our time in Cornwall: here

2007 Tour
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2006 Tour
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Tour Shirts.
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